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Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Nameless Blogger

Dog Behavior Training Update

Well here I want to share my progress. I started off my dog behavior training with good intentions armed with my leash, my treats to "reward" good behavior, and a confidence that is now quite amusing. I knew all the rules, be consistant, find a nice quiet spot, keep training short, be enthusiastic, make it fun. But I think someone forgot to tell my dog!

He has this idea that a park is actually to play in, not to train in. He thinks that when I say come that means when he's ready to. The worst part is I can't stop laughing when I'm chasing him because he won't stay and he is glancing over his shoulder as he belts around the swings just to make sure that I'm still following.

But, there is hope, my friend showed me a book written by the dog behavior training professionals who promise me I can do it.

So I finally decided to get the right information and started training again this week and I swear I see an improvement already. OK, so I'm still chasing him around but he actually listened to me three times this morning and he actually stopped barking at the imaginary trespasser the first time I told him to. You really don't know what a record that is. Anyway, check back for an update as I'm sure we will make progress.

Dog Behavior Training Update


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Blogger heathergirl said...

I happened upon your blog whilst purusing blogs. This entry made me laugh! Who of us with a dog have not experienced this behavior? You wouldn't know it to look at my dog right this minute, all comphy, cozy snoozing on the couch!

Thanks for the laugh!

8:32 AM  
Blogger Killdaggy said...

thanks for sharing.i wanna train my dog too!.
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2:29 AM  

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